Bachata Connection Show Bootcamp with LaCalidad Chris DC & Malvi

6,5h Show-Bootcamp with performance on Sunday evening on stage at the amazing Bachata Connection Festival.

Time schedule for the Bootcamp:
Sa 13.10.18 13:20-14:20 & 19:00-21:30
So 14.10.18. 13:20-14:20 & 18:00-20:00

Beeing on stage is a privilege.
Only a few people get the chance to be on stage in their life at all.
The Bachata Connection Festival will give you one great opportunity to perform in front of the Bachata Community on stage together with the professional artists on Sunday evening (14.10.18).

During the 6,5h you will learn a cool Bachata choreography from the LaCalidad Dance Company.
Besides the choreography and stage experience it will teach you a great feeling, presentation, expression, technics and new moves.

For the intensive show bootcamp you should be dancing Bachata Sensual at least for 1 year (intermediate dancer). Diagonal, side, front-bodywaves and further fluent dance moves shouldn’t be a problem for you.

For the Bachata Show-Bootcamp you will need a partner.
In case you have no partner may write in our Facebook venue or groups that you are searching a partner.

Limited places!

Costs by person:
Unbill the end of March 2018 69€
Unbill the end of July 2018. 79€
Unbill the the venue 2018. 89€

Looking forward and seeing you on stage!

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