Team-Mitglied: Anna

Anna was born in France, with Spanish and Italian origins, Anna has always been fascinated by Latin dances and music. She begins with ballet and modern jazz classes, and at age 15, she falls in love with flamenco.
In parallel she regularly performs on stage with a contemporary dance company, where she adds her very personal “latin” touch, especially when dancing as Carmen in a dancing adaptation of Bizet’s opera.
In 2010 she starts to attend salsa classes and feels she just found her favourite dance ever. She takes classes in Moscow, Paris (Mouaze, Salsabor), Turin, Milan (Fernando Sosa and Tatiana Bonaguro from Tropical Gem, Nerea Perez from Euphoria Dance Company).
As an eclectic dancer, she diversifies her influences by dancing bachata and chacha, but also ballet, modern jazz, hip hop and belly dancing.
She is currently working on a salsa-hip hop fusion show with Paddy. After a first teaching experience in Paris at the O’Sullivan’s party, Anna has gladly joined LaCalidad’s team where she enjoys sharing her communicative enthusiasm, technical knowledge and graceful styling moves.